Leadership is a
means to an end.

As a leader, you will be leading people towards one or more meaningful goals. It’s a different role from that of a manager, whose job it is to manage things like budgets, forecasts, projects and programs.

Leadership is the process of influencing others and maximizing their efforts towards the achievement of an objective.

This means leadership isn’t a goal in itself – it’s a means to an end. At the same time it’s an art and a skill that can be developed.

Startups and scale ups present unique environments with very specific demands in the context of leadership. The Leadership Unleashed program was developed with the specific context of leadership in startups and scale ups in mind.

Uncover your potential

Learn to harness your personality and unique set of skills.

Define your leadership

Explore your leadership style with all of its pros and cons.

Develop as a leader

Hone your leadership skills and maximize your impact.

Programs that work for you

Individual Leaders

A tailor made coaching and development program packed with everything you need to develop as an individual leader.

• 8 workshops


• A tailor made program


• Individual coaching sessions included



Leadership Duo’s

A tailor made program aimed at understanding, leveraging and developing leadership qualities in duo’s.

• 8 workshops


• A tailor made program


• Individual & combined
coaching sessions included



Leadership Teams

A tailor made program designed to develop both individual and team leadership qualities and effectiveness.

• 8 workshops


• A tailor made program


• Individual & team
coaching sessions included



Who is the Leadership Unleashed program for?

The program is designed for leaders (and managers!) in their early stages of leadership. Such as startup and scale up founders and anyone else looking to take the next step as an effective and authentic leader.

The Leadership Unleashed program is a development and coaching program designed to help you unleash and define yourself as a leader. Whether you’re a single founder, a leadership duo or a management team – the program will help you understand, optimize and accelerate your leadership.

Please note: This is not a course on leadership based on a blueprint of what leadership should look like. We’ll be working on how you can maximize your impact. Based on who you are and the talents you have. The program isn’t dogmatic – it revolves around you.

What sets the Leadership Unleashed program apart from other programs?

The program is unique in three ways:

Firstly it was created for new and aspiring leaders.

Secondly it takes into consideration the unique challenges and demands of successfully leading a startup or scale up.

And thirdly it revolves around you and your unique potential as a leader.

On what model of leadership is the Leadership Unleashed program based?

The Leadership Unleashed program covers many of the most effective leadership models known, yet we don’t define any of these approaches to leadership as ‘best’.

The reason for this is the program builds on your unique abilities and strengths. I don’t believe there is a single approach to leadership that suits us all.

And secondly, I believe that being able to adapt one’s leadership style to different circumstances is the key.

How much time is involved in participating in the Leadership Unleashed program?

The program consists of 8 weekly workshops. Each of these sessions will last around two hours. Next to the workshops, you will participate in a number of coaching sessions. And lastly, you will prepare and work on a number of assignments. On average, expect to spend around 4 hours a week.

What will we work on during the Leadership Unleashed program?

The program is built on 4 pillars:

Context – Covering the uniqueness of both your organization, team and yourself. Here we’ll also discuss what startups, scale ups and small businesses demand of their leaders.

Goals – Leadership is all about creating impact and reaching goals. Here, we’ll refresh, sharpen or define the organizational-, team- and leadership goals you will need to set and attain.

Leadership – We’ll cover the most important and effective approaches to leadership, the situational essence of leadership and how you can build authentic leadership based on your unique personality and abilities.

Impact – This is where all the work we’ve done comes together and you will start creating an impact. We’ll work on taking your place as a leader, goal alignment, communication, storytelling and the use of feedback.

Expect a practical program that will be both demanding and extremely fulfilling!

Unlock your full potential!