Do you recognize yourself in this?

  • You want to give direction to your life
  • You want to set goals. And achieve your goals.
  • You are looking for meaning, fulfillment, and happiness
  • You want to better manage stress
  • You want to work on a healthy work-life balance
  • You want to cultivate meaningful relationships

Get to know and manage yourself better than ever before.

Life coaching provides you with a safe space to discover who you are, what you want, how to get there, and what is currently holding you back.

You will tackle the challenges you are facing in your life right now. This could be anything from dealing with changes, figuring out what you want, managing stress, connecting in relationships, achieving a healthy work-life balance, or setting boundaries.

But you can also tackle (recurring) problems at work with life coaching. As a life coach I will provide you with direct feedback, challenge you and let you discover for yourself. I will set you in motion and help you with the changes you’re after. We will start by setting concrete goals to achieve. And along the way, you will learn more about yourself than ever before.

Growth Center offers you top quality life coaching around The Hague and online.

Find your answers

You will know what you want in life, how to reach your goals, and make choices that suit you.

Increase your self confidence

You will become familiar with your own behavioral and thought patterns, and feel safe relying on yourself.

Follow your dreams

You will discover what you need, and you will learn what it takes to achieve your goals.

From the intake on, Tristan knew exactly what was going on. Tristan’s method of systemic coaching was very effective and gave me insight into much more than the initial question I had. His way of working is clear, he knows how to put his finger on the right (sore) spot and is not afraid to show himself.

Sander Valentijn, Data ANALIST

What to expect from life coaching.

In our coaching sessions, we start with you: who are you, where do you come from, and what makes you happy? Why do you do the things you do, and what has brought you to where you are now?

You will gain deep insight into your own behavior and patterns. An important prerequisite for choosing to do things differently.

During our coaching sessions, we will have conversations, but also engage in exercises and assignments. This ensures you will not only be engaged on the level of the mind, but you will also be able to feel what is happening on the level of emotions and the body.

The exercises I tend to pick are rooted in systemic work. Again, in these types of exercises, you will not only think about a certain situation you find challenging; but actually be able to perceive in your body what is right for you. Our emotions determine our behavior. And only when things feel differently, will you act differently.

You move out of your head and into your body. And that helps you make choices in line with who you are.

Coaching requires time, energy, and focus. With a curious attitude, the right energy, and reflective ability, you will soon notice that you are taking steps that you previously didn’t think possible. And that’s exactly what life coaching is about.

A life coach helps you:

  • Listen to your intuition
  • Live according to your values and ambitions
  • Make decisions with both your head and your heart
  • Trust yourself
  • Resolve inner conflicts
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Maintain boundaries
  • Lead your life the way you want to

Frequently asked questions

How will I know Life Coaching is what I need?

When you are looking for coaching or guidance, you will find there are several options available: coaches, counselors, advisors, and therapists. Each of these have their own approach to try to help you. Here, I will explain the similarities and differences between these different groups of professionals.

Whereas therapists work problem focussed, coaches and counselors work goal-oriented and developmentally. In practice, this means a therapist will want to explore all aspects of the issue in depth. While a coach or counselor will focus on achieving the goals set by their clients and their personal development.

Whereas advisors listen to clients and then provide them with advice. Coaches and counselors will encourage their client (often referred to as “coachee”) to find the answers to their questions within themselves. Thereby increasing their clients’ autonomy. This is how coaches teach people to help themselves. Professional coaches will not only help you navigate the challenges you’re facing right now. But also teach you to effectively deal with future challenges.

How do I know which life coach is right for me?

There are many coaches out there. And not all coaches are able to offer professional services at the highest level. I will give you some pointers on what you should pay attention to when looking for the right coach for you.

Firstly, you will want to make sure the coach you are about to start working with is working at a professional level. Therefore, look for a coach accredited by a generally recognized institution, such as NOBCO in the Netherlands and EQA in Europe.

Now that you know what to look for when it comes to quality and accreditation, look for a coach who is experienced in working on the particular topic you’d like to work on. For example: career coaching is rather different from working with people who have gone through a period of burnout. Which is completely different from relationship coaching. As a coach, I work on personal and professional development, with nearly all of my clients being higher educated professionals. Many of my clients are looking for meaning, a healthy work-life balance or a career switch. While a second group I work with consists of managers and founders looking to develop as a leadership.

Finally, you will want to look for a coach with whom you will ‘click’. Often this will be someone who sparks curiosity in you. Someone you feel you will be able to learn from. Most professional coaches will offer you an opportunity to get to know them before committing to a number of coaching sessions. This usually takes the form of an intake interview or introduction session. I offer my potential clients a clarity call. A free, 45-minute session allowing us both to experience what working together would be like.

What to expect from a coaching session?

During our coaching sessions, we will meet either in person or online. Face to face coaching sessions last approximately 90 minutes per session. While online sessions last approximately 60 minutes per session.

Coaching is a goal-oriented process. This means we will start out by setting goals for our coaching sessions. And regularly check in to track progress.

During our coaching sessions, we will talk about the challenges you’re facing. Additionally, we will use exercises and coaching assignments rooted in systemic work. These exercises enable you to engage with more than just your head and cognition. You will not only be able to reflect on a certain challenge or situation; but also be able to use your body to sense what is right for you.

Additionally, you will most likely receive one or more assignments to work on in between coaching sessions.

Can I also receive life coaching online?

Yes, that is possible. Growth Center offers top-quality life coaching in The Hague region and online. An online introduction lasts 45 minutes via your laptop and Google Meet, from home or office. When scheduling an introduction, you can indicate that you prefer to meet online.

What does a life coach cost? Is it a significant investment?

Coaching doesn’t come cheap. And it is also true that coaching is well worth the investment. Especially when it helps you live a happy life and work on building a meaningful career.

In order to make coaching available to a wide audience, private clients pay a reduced rate. While organizations and businesses pay a little more.

And did you know it’s possible to pay in installments on request?

Growth Center – Tristan van der Hoeven

I am Tristan van der Hoeven.

As a certified coach accredited by NOBCO and psychologist, I help you bring out the best in yourself and create the change you are seeking. By listening, asking questions, challenging, and confronting you. I help you discover what you want and how to get there.

Growth Center – Tristan van der Hoeven

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