Is Career Coaching what you need?

  • You are well-educated
  • You are successful in your work
  • Your current job no longer seems to suit you
  • You are either looking for a new job or business or considering doing something (completely) different
  • You’d like to find out which work suits you best
  • You feel stuck in work
  • You’d like to develop and reach next levels
  • You’d like to learn what options you have and how employers perceive you

Find out what career suits you best.

Perhaps you’ve started your career, and you feel unsure which direction you want to take. Or maybe you doubt whether the work you’ve been doing for a while still suits you, while you’re thinking of doing something completely different. Or maybe your current work no longer gives you the satisfaction you used to get.

Regardless of which of these situations describes you best, the most important question to ask yourself is:

“How can I find out what I want?”

Career coaching will help you explore what drives you. What you are capable of and how to best share your talents with the world.

You will discover which work and which working environment suit you best, so that you will not only do what makes you happy, but also be able to live comfortably. You will find answers coming from both your head and your heart. By tuning in to your feelings, being honest with yourself and truly understanding what makes you happy, you will enable yourself to find your perfect job. A job that provides you with boundaryless energy and allows you to make the most of your talents.

We will take YOU as the starting point

Find out what drives you most. You will leave your old patterns and expectations behind and learn to make conscious decisions.


We offer one-on-one personal coaching sessions, assignments, feedback and directly applicable models and tools.

Experience true happiness at work

We aim for lasting change and happiness at work. How would you like to come home feeling good about yourself and your salary?

Tristan helped me organize my thoughts and realize what I really want in a job. He asked critical questions in a friendly and patient way, and that helped me gain insight. It was quite an enjoyable journey and I definitely recommend Tristan!

Christine Kingsley, People Lead AND Globetrotter

What to expect.

Growth Center’s career coaching programs are designed so that you will get to know yourself down to the very core. You will find out what makes you happy, what you’re capable of, and what you will need to be successful. Additionally, you will discover what opportunities the labor market has to offer you.


Growth Center offers you top quality Career Coaching both in and around The Hague and online.

At Growth Center, roughly 95% of our Career Coaching clients found a new direction for their career during the program.

70% found a new job during the coaching program.

All of our customers give us a 5-star review.

Doing work that suits you and makes you happy is one of the pillars of living a happy life. Our career coaching programs are designed to give you absolute clarity on what your next career step should be and how you can to take it.

Whether your goal is to grow professionally, start your own business or get promoted to a leadership position. Career coaching will provide you with the insights you need at this point in your career.

We will work from the inside out – taking you as our starting point. Through conversations, exercises rooted in systemic work and personal coaching assignments you will gain the insights you need.

Career Coaching will help you find out:

  • All about your motivation, strengths, and ambition
  • What you want to get out of your career
  • How to use your values as a professional compass
  • What your limiting patterns and beliefs are
  • What your personal ideal work-life balance looks like
  • Which position suits you and in what sort of working environment
  • What strategy will get you there

Veelgestelde vragen

What is the difference between career coaching, career guidance and career advice?

I offer career coaching services. Also known as a career counseling.

Career coaches and career counselors believe the person being coached is capable of discovering the answers to important career questions. However, he or she might need some help from a professional, asking the right questions and offering the right tools at the right moment. This way, coaching provides a blueprint that can be used by clients to deal with future dilemmas on their own.

Career advisors, on the other hand, typically trust in career tests. And use these tests to advise their clients.

My employer offers a budget for personal development. Will I be able to use this for career coaching?

Most employers will encourage their employees’ personal and professional development. Usually they will also offer a personalized budget for coaching and training. It is best to check with your employer whether you will be able to use a budget for career coaching. This is often the case.

If you need a quotation addressed to your employer, please contact me.

I'm thinking about switching to a completely different field of work. Will you be able to help me do this?

In short: “Yes”.

Both my experience working as a career coach and my experience in recruitment give me a unique and broad perspective on ‘work’. I have a deep understanding of how companies find and select talent. This is particularly helpful when aiming to make a career switch into a field in which you have not been active before.

My insights and experience have allowed me to help many people make a transition into a new career in a new field of work.

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