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Coaching helps you find your direction, sets you in motion and brings you inner peace. With Growth Center’s coaching programs, reaching your goals in life becomes much easier. Growth Center offers professional coaching in and around The Hague, or online.

On this page you will find a number of common topics for coaching. If your subject isn’t shown, then please contact us.

Life coaching program


Knowing what you want sounds easy, but it’s anything but. Do you listen to your feelings? Your mind? Or to the people around you?

Life coaching helps you discover who you are and what you want. You get to know yourself better than ever before, so you can make conscious choices that align with you.

Leadership coaching program

Leadership coach.

As a leader, you prefer to act from a place of trust, self-awareness, and the ability to provide direction to others.

The goal of leadership coaching is to help you develop into a powerful, authentic leader. Growth Center is an expert in leadership and your leadership coach in the Randstad area or online.

Career coaching program


What do you value in your work? When do you feel fulfilled? Career coaching helps you discover what drives you, what you’re good at, and where you want to go in your career.

You take immediate steps towards a path that suits you. This way, you find work that fits you and do what makes you happy.

Life coaching program

Systemic Coach.

If you feel stuck in your relationships, work, or at home and can’t quite figure out why, a systemic coach can help you.

This form of coaching doesn’t just focus on you as an individual, but also considers the larger groups or ‘systems’ you are part of.

Life coaching program

Personal Development.

Do you want to actively work on your personal development and growth?

At Growth Center, we offer personalized coaching to guide you towards a better understanding of yourself and unlocking your full potential. Discover how our personal coaching can help you.

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Quarter-life crisis

Feeling the thirties dilemma, a quarter-life crisis, or a thirties dip? This period can be confusing and stressful, where you wrestle with significant life questions and decisions.

Coaching can help you find fitting answers to all these challenges.

Find Your Dream Job with Growth Center


Your talents, energy, and ambition shape who you are as a person.

Through talent coaching, you become aware of your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. You also learn how to maximize your impact on your environment. Growth Center is your talent coach in the Randstad area, The Hague region, or online.

I look back on an incredibly enriching and pleasant journey with Tristan. I have learned a lot both personally and professionally, which has helped me grow and now I know what I want in my career.

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Growth Center – Tristan van der Hoeven

I am Tristan van der Hoeven.

As an accredited coach and psychologist by NOBCO, I help you bring out the best in yourself and create the change you seek. By listening, asking questions, challenging, and confronting you. I help you discover what you want and how to get there.

Growth Center – Tristan van der Hoeven

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