Is a leadership coach what you need?

  • You want to further develop your leadership skills
  • You believe in authenticity
  • You are looking for ways to improve your team’s performance.
  • You’d like to feel confident
  • You’d like to improve your decision-making skills
  • You’d like to enhance your coaching skills
  • You want to work on positioning

Develop Effortless and Authentic Leadership.

As a leader, you aim to guide others toward one or more meaningful goals. Leadership is the process of influencing others and maximizing their efforts to achieve a goal.

Authentic leadership means being true to yourself. Leading with integrity and transparency, ensuring your words and actions align with your values.

As an authentic leader, you know how to connect with yourself. You are aware of your strengths, weaknesses, values, and goals. You know how to connect with your body. You lead from both your head and your heart.

Leadership involves taking responsibility for your own feelings, emotions, and reactions, and being open to learning.

Effortless leadership begins with leading from your authentic self. ‘Effortless’ doesn’t mean it’s always easy, but rather that you don’t have to assume a role. You can just be yourself.

Leadership is a profession. It’s versatile and challenging. For most people, it doesn’t come naturally. With the right guidance, you can confidently develop your leadership skills, even when faced with challenges.


As a manager or leader, you are your most important instrument. The foundation of effective leadership lies in self-awareness, enabling you to lead with confidence.


You will discover what your team needs to develop. You will learn about the different stages of team development and the different leadership styles you can apply.


Lack of self-confidence and fear of making mistakes will prevent you from making effective decisions. Coaching will help you make better decisions.

Tristan is an experienced coach with excellent empathetic abilities. He provides tools that are relevant in practice (work and private life) and shares theories that will prove useful for the rest of your life.

Vera Kleinendorst,

What to Expect from Leadership Coaching?

Effective leadership is about insight, practice, and experience. That’s why leadership coaching at Growth Center is practical and tailored to your unique situation. My approach is firmly rooted in Systemic Work.

During our coaching sessions, we will be building towards effective and authentic leadership, step by step. Between coaching sessions, you will work on homework assignments. As well as reading about various theories and models on leadership and team development.

Growth Center offers leadership coaching for individuals and small management teams. Additionally, we offer in-house leadership programs for organisations (click to read more).

Leadership coaching will help you:

  • How to effectively and authentically lead, based on a healthy connection with yourself and with others
  • How to better understand your own emotions and those of others
  • Recognize what stage of development your team is in
  • What your team needs
  • How to lead your team across different situations
  • How to increase your decision-making abilities

Frequently asked questions

Who is Leadership Coaching For?

Leadership coaching at Growth Center is designed for executives who want to further develop their leadership qualities. Whether you’re just starting in your first leadership role or have been leading for years, it doesn’t matter. I do advise against starting leadership coaching before you’ve begun as a leader.

Leadership coaching is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs as well. Whether you’ve independently founded a business, co-lead with a co-founder, or are part of a management team, a leadership coach helps you understand and strengthen your leadership style.

You can participate in leadership coaching individually, as a pair, or as a (small) management team. For larger teams, an (in-house) leadership program is more suitable.

If you’re unsure what’s best for you, I’m happy to discuss options with you.


What is the Difference Between Leadership Coaching and a Leadership Development Program?

The foundation of leadership coaching consists of individual coaching sessions with a leadership coach. When participating as a pair or small management team, there are additional sessions with the team. Sessions typically take place at Growth Center.

The foundation of Leadership Development Programs involves sessions with the entire leadership team. Customization is always ensured. Teams are generally larger (4 or more participants), and sessions are conducted externally. In addition to group programs, there are individual coaching sessions for participants. Depending on the program and group size, I collaborate with other leadership coaches.

If you’re unsure about what suits you best, I’m happy to discuss options with you.


Which leadership model is leadership coaching based on?

During sessions with a leadership coach, many effective leadership models are discussed, but we do not define any of these models as the ‘best’ way to lead.

The reason for this is that we focus on your personality, experience, and skills. The assertion that there is one way of leading that works best for all of us does not fit here.

In addition, I believe that authenticity and the ability to adapt your leadership style to changing environments are key to success.

How much time does leadership coaching take?

The leadership development program consists of 6 to 8 coaching sessions, each lasting approximately one and a half hours. Between sessions, you will work on assignments and receive theory. On average, you will spend about 4 hours every two weeks on the program.

When participating as a pair or small team, there are two group sessions included.

Growth Center – Tristan van der Hoeven

Growth Center for Organizations

Growth Center for Organizations

As a NOBCO-accredited coach and psychologist, I, Tristan van der Hoeven, specialize in coaching, team coaching, guidance, and leadership development for organizations striving for healthy growth. With a focus on strengthening internal processes, forming powerful teams, and promoting authentic leadership, Growth Center supports organizations throughout the Randstad from The Hague.

Our tailored coaching programs are designed to guide organizations through times of change, enabling them to sustain healthy growth and scale successfully.

Start today with an introductory meeting to discuss how Growth Center can help your organization achieve its full potential!

Growth Center – Tristan van der Hoeven

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