Coaching, Leadership Development & Organizational Development.

My name is Tristan van der Hoeven and I have a passion for development. I help people and organizations grow.

I am internationally accredited as a Senior Coach, completed a master’s in Organizational and Social Psychology, and worked successfully in the corporate world for many years.

Tristan van der Hoeven

Coach, entrepreneur, father, friend and surfer.

My name is Tristan van der Hoeven. Out of a deep passion and curiosity for growth and development, I founded Growth Center.

I work with highly educated professionals in the region of The Hague, the Randstad area, and online. People from all over the Randstad region now seek me out. Additionally, I coach online employees of scale-ups with branches in cities like Berlin, Lisbon, Dublin, and Barcelona.

I personally conduct all individual coaching sessions. When working with teams, I often collaborate with experts in leadership and team development.


How It Started

After completing my master’s in Organizational and Social Psychology, I began working as a management potential at a large company. After about five years, I took on my first managerial role.

The most enjoyable moments and greatest successes in my work revolved around building strong teams and collaborating with those around me.

Unfortunately, as a manager in a very large organization, I had limited influence over the direction our team could take. I found myself delivering messages to my team that I didn’t fully believe in.


What Do I Really Want?

Gradually, it became clear to me that my work didn’t align with who I was. After some insightful discussions with a coach, I realized I wasn’t in the right place. In fact, I had lost touch with myself in my work.

It was time to discover what I truly wanted to do.


Soul Searching in Australia

I bought a ticket to Australia and said goodbye to my job, my friends, and my family. In a converted camper van, I drove along the coast for months, enjoying the uncomplicated outdoor life. Surfing, kite surfing, and meditation dictated the rhythm of my days. Slowly but surely, I rediscovered myself.

“I help people and organizations grow.”

My trip to Australia made me realize that I don’t find happiness in profit margins or product specifications. I want to build strong teams and help people bring out the best in themselves. Two sentences kept coming back to me during my journey: “I help people grow” and “I help organizations grow.”

After 7 months, it was time to return home.

Back in the Netherlands, I started my first business. As a consultant, I worked with scale-ups to create strong teams and develop leadership. Soon after, I embarked on my first coaching training. The simplicity and effectiveness of coaching surprised me and quickly became a valuable addition to my work as a consultant. I wanted to delve deeper into coaching!


And that’s what I did. Since 2015, I have been guiding people as a coach and have further specialized, including in systemic work. This enables me to penetrate quickly and deeply to the core.

Growth doesn’t come from tinkering on the surface but from within. It’s an inside-out movement.

Conscious Living

My sabbatical helped me realize what is important to me and what energizes me. This insight continues to guide me every day. I am now living with my girlfriend and our son. We still enjoy going on road trips, I surf whenever possible, and meditation remains a part of my life. This, combined with my work as a coach, provides the perfect balance. My balance.

Your Coach in The Hague

As a NOBCO accredited coach and psychologist in the region of The Hague, I help you bring out the best in yourself and create the change you seek.


I assist you in focusing on what matters to you. We explore who you are, what you can do, and where you want to go. By listening, asking questions, challenging you, and confronting you, I help you discover your desires and how to achieve them.

In a coaching journey, we break through patterns and thoughts that hold you back. You learn to view situations from new perspectives, creating inner peace and making appropriate choices.

In addition to a Master’s in Organizational Psychology, I have completed various coaching programs. I specialize in career coaching and systemic work. At Growth Center, we have solutions for almost every coaching question.

Aside from my work at Growth Center, you can also find me as a Trainer and Educator at Coachcenter.

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