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Strong foundations lead to healthy growth.

Coaching, guidance and leadership development for scaling organizations.

Strong teams are the foundation for growth.
For the internal organization, growth does bring its share of challenges. Consider setting up scalable internal processes, forming strong teams, and certainly also in the area of leadership.

Growth Center is active throughout the Randstad. We are based in The Hague, and we offer various forms of coaching to growing organizations. We provide the guidance you need in times of change, to continue growing healthily and scaling successfully.

Life coaching program

Discover the power of tailor made team coaching

Discover the power of tailor made team coaching at Growth Center. We customize our programs to the needs of your team and organization.

Starting with a free introductory meeting, we’ll discuss your goals and challenges with. And work towards the transformation of your team.

Leadership programs

Powerful Leadership Development Programs

We value a leader who is authentic and self-aware, providing direction and acting from a place of trust.

Growth Center coaches, trains and provides guidance to management teams in order to cultivate strong and authentic leadership. We achieve this through customized, in-house leadership programs.

Coaching for employees

Coaching programs for employees

Your organization relies on attracting the right people and utilizing of their talents. People who are engaged and feel good perform better.

Our programs contribute to healthy, productive, and successful teams. We help employees bring out the best in themselves and continue to grow.

Leadership coaching for entrepreneurs

COACHING and guidance for SCALE UPS

Healthy growth in organizations is the result of focus and decisiveness. Where people’s talents are being recognized and people enjoy their working environment.

Growth Center has helped scale ups build strong teams for over 10 years. We know what the dynamics of scaling are about.

Some of the companies we work with:

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