Do you recognize yourself in this?

Most of us grow up in a family with one or more parents, brothers, and/or sisters. This environment forms the first system we belong to. The role we occupy within it largely determines how we feel and behave in all other systems that follow: at work, among friends, and in relationships.

When you notice entrenched patterns and recurring issues affecting your life, you are not alone. Our systemically trained coaches understand the complexity of personal and relational challenges. Do you recognize yourself in this? If so, systemic coaching can be a valuable step towards profound change.

Are you experiencing the same problems over and over?
Do you find yourself facing the same issues repeatedly without understanding why? A systemic coach helps you uncover patterns and problems that you may not see on your own.

Struggling in relationships
Are you having difficulties in your relationships, whether with your partner, family, or colleagues? We help you understand how old habits and experiences influence your current relationships and how to improve them.

Dealing with stress and burnout
Are you dealing with stress and burnout? We help you understand the roots of your stress and teach you ways to manage it better.

Enhancing teamwork effectiveness
Are you a leader looking for ways to improve teamwork in your team? We help you gain insight into the team’s relationships and what is needed to enhance them.

Improving communication
Are you struggling with communication, both at home and at work? We help you improve your communication skills to reduce misunderstandings and conflicts.

Deepening self-understanding and understanding others
Do you want to better understand yourself and your relationships with others? We assist you in managing your own feelings and behaviors better and in gaining better insights into others.

Who should work with a systemic coach?

Systemic coaching helps you understand and adjust ineffective behavior, whether it’s personal issues, family matters, or professional challenges. A systemic coach can assist you in examining and recognizing patterns. Whether we like it or not, our behavior is largely based on past experiences. When you better understand yourself, your life becomes easier and more enjoyable.


Systemic coaching helps you understand and adjust ineffective behavior, whether dealing with personal issues, family matters, or professional challenges. A systemic coach can assist you in exploring and recognizing patterns. Whether we like it or not, much of our behavior is based on past experiences. When you gain a better understanding of yourself, life becomes easier and more enjoyable.


Understand Yourself and Your Environment

Systemic coaching at Growth Center helps you understand yourself and your environment better. Our systemic coaches then assist you in translating these new insights into concrete steps for positive change in your life.

Tailor made, Personal, and Professional

At Growth Center, all our programs are custom-made, tailored to your unique needs and situation. We utilize proven methods from coaching and systemic work for sustainable growth in personal, relational, and professional domains.

Lasting Growth and Sustainable Change

Systemisch coachen bij Growth Center gaat verder dan symptoombestrijding; we werken aan blijvende groei en duurzame verandering. In heldere coaching sessies begeleiden we je naar de doelen die je zelf stelt. Of het nu gaat om werk, privé of relaties.

From the intake on, Tristan knew exactly what was going on. Tristan’s method of systemic coaching was very effective and gave me insight into much more than the initial question I had. His way of working is clear, he knows how to put his finger on the right (sore) spot and is not afraid to show himself.

Sander Valentijn, Data Analist

Unlock Your Full Potential

A program with a systemic coach at Growth Center offers the opportunity to unlock your full potential. By gaining a better understanding of yourself and your environment, you can achieve lasting positive changes. Discover what you can accomplish with systemic coaching!

What to Expect from Systemic Coaching

At Growth Center, we employ a unique and customized approach to systemic coaching. Discover in an introductory session how we integrate systemic work with proven coaching techniques to guide you towards insight, awareness, and positive change.

Frequently asked questions

What is Systemic Work

Systemic work involves understanding underlying patterns and exploring relationships within systems. Working with constellations is a commonly used methodology where people or objects are placed in the coaching space to gain insight into dynamics and what is at play.

Want to know more? We even wrote a full page about it.

Is Systemic Coaching Suitable for Everyone?

Yes, systemic coaching is suitable for anyone open to self-reflection and positive change. It is effective for personal, relational, and professional issues.

Systemic Work at Growth Center does not replace mental health care. At Growth Center, we focus on moving from health to vitality. Psychiatrists and psychologists are available for those working on their mental health.

How do I know which Systemic Coach is right for me?

Choose a Systemic Coach who is well-trained and resonates with you. An introductory meeting is essential and will help you determine which coach best fits your unique situation.

At Growth Center, a free and non-binding introductory meeting is included in all coaching programs.

Where do coaching sessions take place?

Our coaching sessions take place in The Hague. Growth Center is easily accessible and offers ample parking. Additionally, we are available online.

Growth Center – Tristan van der Hoeven

I am Tristan van der Hoeven.

I am an accredited coach by EMCC / NOBCO and an organizational psychologist. I help you bring out the best in yourself and create the change you seek. By listening, asking questions, challenging you, and confronting you. I help you discover what you want and how to get there.

Growth Center – Tristan van der Hoeven

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