The importance of self-efficacy

Why self-efficacy is very important in an ice bath.

Last month, I stepped into an ice bath for the first time. Beforehand, I was worried about whether I could handle the cold water both physically and mentally. I know from experience that my body reacts intensely to cold (sea) water.

In the first photo, I had just stepped into the ice bath. You can see that I am worried: can I handle this?
The second photo was taken half a minute later. By then, I had realized that I could easily endure the ice bath for a few minutes. The difference between the two photos? Self-efficacy!

Tristan, Growth Center in the woods.

Self-efficacy is a concept from modern psychology. It is the belief in one’s ability to do what is necessary to achieve specific goals.
While ‘self-image’ is about who you are (BEING), ‘self-efficacy’ is about what you are capable of (DOING).

Why is self-efficacy important?

Self-efficacy strongly influences our behavior, the choices we make, and the strength we have available in difficult situations.

People who score high on self-efficacy:
– Perform better
– Handle stress better
– Are healthier
– See challenging problems as tasks they want to master.

People who score low on self-efficacy:
– Experience little control over their lives
– Are more anxious
– Avoid difficult tasks and situations
– Give up more quickly.

How do you think you score on self-efficacy?
And what would it mean for you if you scored higher?