Do you often find yourself getting stuck at work?

The way your work is organized determines your success.

Do you ever think about what you need to be successful?

Being part of a close-knit team in a vibrant open office might work well for you. Alternatively, perhaps you perform best when working independently, with unconditional support from your supervisor.

Do you thrive when work comes at you fast, like when I used to work behind the bar part-time? Or do you prefer setting your own priorities and course? In short, do you need existing structures or do you bring structure yourself?

Here’s an example from a coaching session earlier this week: a successful designer is stuck in his work. Every day, he struggles to finish his work on time. His life revolves solely around work, and his personal life suffers as a result.

And this is despite the fact that he used to excel in his work effortlessly.

Is being a designer no longer a good fit, and is it time for him to do something else? Or is something else going on?

During our conversation, it emerged that he used to work in a team and in an office. It was the most enjoyable time of his career. For the past few years, he has been working fully remotely, with complete freedom. His friends call it a ‘dream job’. However, for him, it’s exactly what he doesn’t need. The freedom leads him to get lost in choices and procrastination.

Now he’s considering choosing a different profession.

I shared my perspective with him.

Choosing a different profession because of how work is organized doesn’t seem logical to me. There’s a possibility that he might prematurely say goodbye to something that was his passion until recently. And he might encounter the same issues again in a new job and a different field.

First, discover what it takes to be successful.

Work on that. Afterward, he can always switch fields.

Does this resonate with you? And do you want to know how to handle it?

Let me know what challenges you’re facing, and I’ll brainstorm with you.