The internal organization as the basis for further growth.

After an initial growth spurt, it is difficult for many scale-ups and SMEs to maintain growth.

Surprisingly enough, the main obstacles to further growth can be found mainly in the internal organization.

Once you have found your product-market fit, have sufficient resources at your disposal and a stable revenue stream, then further growth of the organization will no longer depend mainly on external factors. Now it’s all about internal factors.

<p>Think of leadership and attracting and developing talent as factors that determine maximum growth speed and scalability.

The good news is that entrepreneurial coach Growth Center can help you tackle the unique challenges associated with scaling and growing your business.

In our coaching programs for entrepreneurs, we focus on leadership, talent management, effective communication, and talent attraction. This way, we help your organization grow in a healthy manner.

Powerful leadership

Effortless, effective and authentic leadership. If you feel you’re you’re in the right place in the organization, you’ll be able to lead with confidence. You’ll be able to deeply connect with others, since you’re well grounded and connected to yourself.

strong teams

Rapid Growth might sound nice. But are your teams able to keep up with? We’ll take a look at both talent inflow and talent development. With the goal of providing your teams with what is needed to grow and be successful.

Guiding organizational change

Change puts a heavy load on your organization. What is the healthiest way to structure the organization? And how can you ensure flexibility and foster the willingness to change?

<h2>What can you expect from leadership coaching for entrepreneurs?</h2>

<p>Growth is the result of a healthy organization and strong leadership. And that’s exactly what Growth Center supports you with. We guide (rapidly) growing organizations at all levels.</p>

Growth Center has over ten years of experience in coaching entrepreneurs, guiding and advising growing SMEs, including startups and scale-ups.

We guide by providing direction, bringing focus, and inspiring. Together, we determine the objectives and scope of our collaboration. Sometimes, working in one-on-one sessions is sufficient.

Often, we involve one or more sessions with other people from your team. We may also look at the functioning of the entire organization using organizational constellations.

During an introduction, we can assess what is needed to achieve your goals.

What an entrepreneurial coach brings:


  • Development of powerful, authentic leadership
  • A strong foundation for further growth
  • Resilient, flexible, and motivated teams
  • Processes that help attract and develop the right talents
  • Positive energy in a rapidly changing environment
  • A razor-sharp focus and more results

Frequently Asked Questions

<h3>For which type of organizations does Growth Center work?</h3>

Organizations we work with often have the following characteristics:

  • Small to medium-sized
  • Growing
  • Knowledge-intensive
  • Conscious of the impact of the organization on the environment; including employees, customers, and sustainability.
Is my company the right size for this type of coaching?

When your company is smaller than 15 people or larger than 500 people, you may fall outside our target group, and it’s best to determine together whether an entrepreneurial coach is what you need. In that case, also take a look at our leadership development programs we offer.

At the same time, it’s also true that the phase in which a company finds itself is not solely determined by the size of the organization.

Once you have a few essential things in place—product-market fit, sufficient resources, and a healthy revenue stream—then the growth rate is determined by the internal organization.

If you’re struggling with leadership, communication, attracting and developing talent, building strong teams, and organizing things efficiently, I invite you to schedule a clarity call. You could now consider yourself a Scale Up.

What experience do you have in entrepreneurship?

Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with startups and scale-ups on challenges related to growth and optimizing internal organizations.

For larger projects, including leadership development programs and organizational positions, I collaborate with Academie voor Systemisch Werk.

Growth Center – Tristan van der Hoeven

Growth Center for Organizations


Growth Center for Organizations



Growth Center – Tristan van der Hoeven

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