Introducing Growth Center

The story of the mighty Chinese Bamboo

When a seed of a Chinese Bamboo ‘tree’ is planted in the ground, the first four to five years not much will happen.

You’ll be watering the seed and fertilizing it; time and time again. But you won’t see any visible evidence of a tree growing (please note: bamboo is actually a form of grass!). Years will pass and then suddenly – in the fifth year – the bamboo shoot will suddenly rise above the ground. And over a period of six weeks, the tree will grow and reach a height of about 30 meters!

An interesting question is, did the tree grow 30 meters in 6 weeks? Or in 5 years? The answer is that in the first 5 years the tree has formed an extensive root system. Which enables it to increase in length at record speed in its fifth year.

The moral of the story is that a period of investment precedes visible results.

We all want to grow, get better and improve ourselves. But sometimes halfway through our journey it will feel like we’re lost and we fear we might not reach our destination. The trick is to keep reminding you of your destiny. And to keep feeding your growth process from the source.

This summer it was time for a personal growth spurt.
For a while, I had felt that working with two separate companies no longer fitted. I decided to merge my coaching and consultancy companies into one.

After months of invisible investment, the result is now visible: Growth Center.
A new company that offers guidance to people and organizations that want to grow.

Would you like to know more about Growth Center?
Or perhaps I might be able to guide you or your organization on your growth path? Then book a clarity call.

Have fun and keep growing!

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